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*Antawan Smith is a former Sports Director for SNN6 in Sarasota

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Fishing Report  -  7/5/2017


The daily head boat excursions have been steady throughout July & August catching a satisfying level of excellent tasting local reef fish such as Sand Perch, Porgies, Grey & Silver Snappers, Lane Snappers, Black Sea Bass & the occasional Red Grouper.  Lighter crowds are expected in August & September as school openings begin.  So for those of you who enjoy lots of elbow room, the next several months may be a great time to join us.  Remember that reservations are required to not only ensure that the boat is going but to secure your spot on the trip.  Captain John and the crew are looking forward to welcoming you aboard.


Fishing on the "Big Catch" has been nothing short of exciting so far this summer with Red Grouper & Gag Grouper seasons overlapping for the first time in years.  Longer trips up to 25 hours were created to significantly increase fishing time, double individual bags limits, fish in deeper waters (more than 80 miles from shore) and all the while saving our customers almost $400.00 (versus back to back 12 hours trips) due to the reduced fuel costs.  In addition to Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Scamp, Red Snapper, Black Fin Tuna, Mahi, 3 large Black Groupers up to 52lbs. were also caught on these extended trips.  On our 4 & 6 hour trips, Red Grouper, Snapper & Kingfish have been the consistent catch with larger quantities & examples caught in deeper water on longer trips.  8 hour trips & longer should comfortably yield these fish together with an assortment of Grouper & Snapper.


Summer is here in full swing, with day time temperatures hovering around 90 degrees and water temps are in the upper 80's.  Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats & plenty of water are a must for an enjoyable day on the water.  Inshore fishing has been good in the early morning with Red Fish, Snook & Trout biting well.  As the day progresses these fish are moving to deeper, cooler water & their feeding slows.  After the inshore fish go to hide from the sun we have typically been targeting Mangrove Snapper, Flounder & Spanish Mackerel around our local inshore/near shore reefs.  These fish make a great addition to the cooler & are welcome anytime to the dinner table.  For those interested in staying a bit cooler, night trips are a great option.  Typically we target Snook on these trips but we often catch Red Fish, Trout & Snapper as well.  These are fun trips as we are fishing under water lights, docks & bridges which provide plenty of action throughout the night.

When the weather & seas cooperate, our near shore trips are probably our best trip option for this time of year.  With Red & Gag Grouper open we will be putting our efforts into catching these hard fighting tasty fish.  Also on the menu are Mangrove Snapper, Grey Snapper, Porgies, Flounder, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Goliath Grouper & plenty of Sharks.  For these trips we would suggest the 6 hour excursion over the 4 hour to allow us to get a bit deeper & to narrow down where these fish are hiding.